Sacred cycles and transitions


Well, summer’s coming to an end. And I know that for a lot of you individuals, this can be stressful times of change. But there’s no need to worry!

By the end of the month, Chez Feno will be hosting a new collaboration. While #LS La Seigneurie 2014 was up on my walls, home based local art gallerist Mevin Runganaifaloo had offered me the opportunity to display prints from his collection on Whether you’re an upcoming artist looking for buyers or vice-versa, Croyds provides new talents and serious collectors through a curated platform.

I decided to work with Mevin for the similarities in our philosophies of work, culture and community. When I first saw the prints in person, they felt very welcoming in my home. Then when I finally took a close look at them with open eyes.. 😌 I knew deep outside of me that all were in the right places.

Introducing this fruitful path, we present to you the Tree of Life 1 & 2, by Adida Fallen Angel. Copies are available in rolls at my studio for 25$ a piece.




LS: Hardly Working

Chez Feno,

In case you weren’t aware, I’m currently in the middle of a big project for you lovers 😉 A gift really. I call it La Seigneurie. In simple terms, it is the combination of an art gallery and my massage service.

This year, I have 4 wonderful locals working their asses off to help me put this all together. We have Imaan Brown of Naami Music on music production, Sarah Bebawy making this years theme playlist and taking photographs, Debbi Mathieu of D.Mathieu Comics painting up eye candy pieces, and last but not least, mister John Moon in video production and editing.

I’ve never felt so good about something before. I’m really glad to have these talented folks around me. One important factor in this project is that all artistic forms must be made or customed by Montreal artists. Luckily for me, finding such people wasn’t much of a challenge.


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LS: 2014 Sample by Sarah Bebawy

Chez Feno,

That sweet sweet share I promised, well here it is! The complete project mix will be available for you to take home on CD (or USB if you bring one) after your Seigneurie appointment.
Complete Tracklist (including missing tracks)
01 Aphex Twin | Blue Calx
02 Brian Eno | 1-1
03 Sigur Rós | All Alright
04 Mister Lies | False Astronomy
05 Röyksopp | Artic Circle
06 Maani Music | Borders
07 Ani Difranco | Beautiful Night
08 Imaan Browne | Deja Vu
09 Röyksopp | Sparks
10 Zero 7 | When It Falls
11 ______N/A_____ | Homies Lost Fade
12 Naami Music | Happy
13 Weedy | For Us
14 Mister Lies | Cleam
15 Björk | Desired Constellation
16 40 Winks | Melancholia
17 Massive Atack | Teardrop
18 Miles Davis | It Never Entered My Mind
19 Aphex Twin | B+W Stripes

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FINALLY, something to begin with

As many of you may already know, I’m currently working on a project that involves my field of work and culture. I’m combining a massage studio with an art gallery, allowing the creation of an all-in-one human experience; including sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. The official starting date of putting it all together is in April, but, of course I am doing all the researching necessary now.

Visual art, music production, video production, herbalists, psychologists, neurologists, people in finance and real estate, all are of great use. In case you know anybody in these fields, please do let me know ^^.

Life is so good man. And I’m sure we all can relate to that. Everything is falling into place, and it doesn’t require getting more money :p The reason why I’m working on this is so I can give back to the people. To you. At the end of the day, I know that all the effort I put into realizing this project means being that incy wincy inch of a presence in your lives to make it better. And there’s many of us 🙂

AUG2913: Summer Winds

Boy, has it been a while or what? I’m not sure if I remember how this whole blogging things works..

Bun this blog deal; always trying to sound smart and interesting for you. It’s even worse of a feeling now that I have a lesser sence of humor, and that I’m broke for the next 2 weeks. I was in Calgary in the begining of the month then had a guest from Edmonton 2 weeks later. I wouldn’t say abused, but I didn’t take very well care of my budget, obviously. It’s a good thing that the course I’m taking begins in January. This way I can save up for winter bills :p I’ve also been going to school this summer, so not much mula has been comming in, although I’m not worried about bills.

By the way, I attended the anime Otakuthon convention week-end. IT WAS AWSOME dispite my high lack in anime knowledge. I took my two brothers with me, it was a lovely experience. I learnt that kids don’t do hour long walks =/ We mostly spent money on food…. enough money on food. I’m also glad I get to hit the International Spa Show again this year. I’m mostly thrilled about filling my days listening to panels and watching demonstrations. I signed up for a workshop too. It’s unfortunate that we only get to chose one.

I’m beyond content with my not so complex social life – on top of having no internet access at home. Everything’s running smoothly I believe and my sex life is just the right amount of sexy. I can’t wait to see what else is comming up for me. The winter’s comming up, and it’s my best time of year.

BACK TO SCHOOL PROMOTIONS WITH FENO’S WAY are here! 🙂 Notez bien que I’m officially declared to have an individual proprietorship. Insurance reciepts are now available on 60$+tx massages (1h30).